Civil Litigation

civil litigation

Civil Litigation is very broad and far reaching. It concerns the law relating to disputes between individuals and organisations. Criminal Laws can often be applied and used in tandem for civil litigation hearings. Common examples of civil litigation cases would be, property disputes, probate and wills, libel and accident damages.

What is Civil Litigation?

Litigation is the act or process of bringing or contesting a legal action in court. A litigant can raise a grievance, governed by applicable laws against another litigant. A litigant can be the complainant or the respondent and can represent themselves or have legal counsel.

The aim for many pursuing civil litigation cases is to right a wrong, to claim damages or in some cases purely to stop the actions by an individual or organisation who are deemed as being a nuisance or causing problems that cannnot be dealt with by the police or any other governing body, and the decision of a court of law is required.


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