Bringing or contesting a legal action in court
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Litigation is the act or process of bringing or contesting a legal action in court.
A litigant can raise a grievance, governed by applicable laws against another litigant. A litigant can be the complainant or the respondent and can represent themselves or have legal counsel.

Why Litigation?
A lawsuit is brought by one person or entity against another person or entity before a court, for the purpose of enforcing their rights or addressing a grievance. Very often 'alternative dispute resolution' (ADR) or mediation has failed before litigation is brought. 'ADR' should be the starting point.

Litigation Support

is the provision of support services to litigation solicitors.
litigation support

Types of Litigation Support
Depending on the solicitors' needs , support may range from research and documentation of facts before trial, or working out damage claims. Litigation Support workers are either inhouse at a firm of solicitors or from an external firm, or freelance self employed professionals.

The support consultant's help the litigation solicitor to focus on the main job at hand and are vitally important.. Litigation Support will study previous cases and similar precedents and help to build out the case for the complainant or respondent's team.

Commercial Litigation

is the resolution of disputes in the corporate and commercial sector.
commercial litigation

Types of Commercial Litigation Cases
include venture capital disputes, banking disputes, corporate fraud, self governance, competition laws, financial regulation, mergers and acquisitions, share capital allocations and professional negligence. Outgoing employees breaking confidentiality agreements and passing sensitive information and trafe secrets to competitors can be subject to legal action.

Arbitration and Mediation
are much preferred methods through commercial lawyers before cases go to court. Very often contracts and agreements can be drawn up to the satisfaction of both sides through expert commercial mediation.

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